Improve Analogical Thinking In Your Child

Improve Analogical Thinking In Your Child
Cognitive Development
  • At this stage, the very basis of your child's analogical thinking has started to shape up. However, a lot needs to be done from your end to make sure that the little one's analogical skills develop the right way. To help your little one, understand analogies better - symbols and picture games can help. Finding correlation between symbols and places where they occur, beginner level picture quizzes, finding the odd one out are few activities that can sharpen your little one's analogical thinking skills. 
  • Jigsaws and other board puzzles can also help a little. As your child grows up, it will be worthwhile for you to introduce special games in his routine such as puzzles and picture games with lots of symbols and drawings. Games like, finding the odd one out and small basic puzzles, can help him in analysing and finding out relations between various elements of the game. These activities help in the development of analogical skills in your child.
  • This could also be done with various every day objects lying around the house, such as placing certain objects at their respective place or analysing the size of an object to be stored. Introduce your child to various symbols so that he can identify them on pictures and drawings and also while he steps out of the house.