Improve Your Child's Focus This Way

Improve Your Child's Focus This Way

There goes a saying that all work and no play makes ''Jack a dull boy.'' Have you ever thought that how hitting the target games can be used to accelerate your child's development? The best and only way to get your child to focus more and perform better, is doing some form of physical activity which is a reward and a way to refresh them from studies.

1. You need to teach the kid how to throw an object with speed and precision as it will improve his focus and concentration, which will be a help in the long run.

2. Memory games help your child to strengthen his memory and also focus on remembering. Get your child to play memory card games or any memory related games. This is a fun way to improve his concentration.

3. Practice different patterns and sequences with your kiddo to help him focus better. Use small objects than can be arranged into a pattern like coins, pasta shapes, or buttons and ask him to make a pattern.

4. Remove distractions at home that may prevent your child from concentrating. These include noise, people, lighting, fighting, fatigue, etc. List ways to eliminate or reduce and work at them systematically.

5. It is very important to maintain a schedule for your kiddo, even it is a more flexible one. This helps program your child’s brain to know when he has to study. And this in turn helps to increase the concentration. For example, your child knows that after playing, he has to study and automatically gets into “study mode” once play is done.

6. It is very important for you to understand your child’s method of learning (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic)and then work accordingly. Make sure to set short time goals for better concentration. Naps and breaks boost concentration.