Improve Your Child's Memory with Reading and Reciting !

Improve Your Child's Memory with Reading and Reciting !
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For a growing child it is very important to preserve the various lessons in mind. A child is prone to grasp important lessons both at school and at home. You as a mother need to work on memory for him/her to excel in life. You can offer easy tasks, which motivates him to remember content. Here's how you can go about it.

Building Memory with Read and Recite

1. Make sure your child is in a good mood. Select a time when he is totally focused. You can offer the child with books of his choice.

2. Ask him to read any portion by heart and recite it without making a mistake. Let the child take his own time. You can ask him to start line-by-line.

3. One simply cannot memorize everything at once. You need time to break the text into small portions and then compile the whole.

4. As a parent you can also convert this task into a memory game where the person who recites the maximum lines would get a gift. This incentive would indeed push your child to learn the matter with focus.

5. Spend maximum time with the child so that he can get comfortable with you in order to listen to your commands. Read and recite with the child every evening to help him develop a good level of concentration.