Improving Spoken Skills

Improving Spoken Skills

Your child's communication skills need a boost at this point. Communicating with children is one of the most pleasurable part of parenting. Children learn by absorbing information through daily interactions and experiences not only with us, but with other adults, family members, other kids, and the outside world. Here's how you can ace your child's communication more:

1. Communicate more with your child. Have an interactive conversation with your kid. Involve your child to play with other kids. Kids will learn to speak when involved with kids of the same age group.

2. Talk to him about daily activities - Ask the kid if he is hungry and ask him to reply verbally and not by actions.

3. Read the books together. The books will have to be only pictorial books to make them easy to understand and speak from them. Show your child the pictures and tell him the names of the pictures, ask him to repeat it. This way kids learn quickly and will remember the words.

4. Allow your child to watch kid cartoons which they like more. Ask them in between about whats going on in the cartoon, they will try to explain you. Make the conversation interactive by asking them more questions.

5. Ask the kid his name more frequently, so he will respond.

6. Make your kid follow some instructions like “Come here,” “Go and sleep,” “Sit and play,” ”Look at the TV,” “Do you want food,” few instructions to be answered verbally.

7. Teach your kid about the body parts. It should say, “Here is the mouth,” ”Here are the eyes.”

8. Ask your kid to imitate the animal sounds like ask him what the dog says or cat says, he should be able to respond with “bow bow” or “meow meow.”

9. Ask your kid to greet if someone enters home. It has to say hi or hello. While leaving ask the kid to say Bye.

10. Show the toys to the kid and ask him/her which one they need it, ask them to speak out rather than showing.