Inculcate The Practice Of Daily Prayer In Your Kid

Inculcate The Practice Of Daily Prayer In Your Kid

The seed of devotion if sown in one’s own heart will appear in the child to. In order to change all this, we need Spirituality and devotion to be a part of our daily life. Firstly, the parents have to be religious. Only then will they be able to sow the seeds of devotion in the hearts of children. If you want your child to have the devotion towards spirituality as well, follow this pointers:

1. Teach your child to offer prayers and gratitude to God. each your little one to pray as soon as he wakes up in the morning and pay gratitude to God for showing him this day. Tell him to pay obeisance / salutation to God after washing his face. Teach him to pray before every meal. Impress upon his mind that everything in life happens due to God’s grace.

2. Prayer is simply being with God and having a conversation. Children need to know early in their lives that they can talk to God just like they talk to Mommy, Daddy, or a best friend. They need to understand that God is there and attentive to what they have to say. Instead of putting them on hold or playing a recorded message, God is always willing to listen - whether they are on the playground, at a friend's house, in the car, or at a temple.

3. Share with your child a time that you prayed and received the answer in a surprising or dramatic way.

4. The next time your child comes to you with a problem or worry, instead of saying, "I will pray for you," do it right then. Even if it is a short prayer, you will be demonstrating the important principle that God wants us to cast the care of all our concerns on Him and pray about everything.

5. In a group of kids, ask each child to say a sentence prayer, thanking God for the best part of their day.