Indulge You Child Into A Question-Answer Session

Indulge You Child  Into A Question-Answer Session

Communication is a two way street. To have a well-rounded interaction with your child, you can implement the concept of a question and answer session. This can help you as well as your child in so many ways.

1. As your child begins to go to school, he will have a ton of new experiences that he will want to share with you. But, he may not be able to tell you most of it as he may not be able to remember every incident the same way. Asking questions will help jog his memory and thereby will help him communicate with you.

2. A ''Q and A'' works really well to find out everything that happens with your child. Once he begins school and starts interacting with hois peers, you will need to keep tabs on the kind of interactions he has as well as how his peers are. You will be able to find out if your child is facing an issue with anything at all.

3. Allow him to ask you a few questions as well. This will help him get better with communication and will improve his thinking abilities as well. Let his curiosity kick in and you can begin to answer all of his queries. This will also improve his vocabulary and knowledge by a great extent.

4. Make the Q and A as interactive as possible. This will help create a flow which can continue for a while without hitting any interruptions. You can make this interesting by playing a few games alongside to keep your child engrossed in thhe activity for longer.

5. Story telling is a great way to begin a Q and A session with your child. You can ask him numerous questions after narrating the story to see how well your child was able to comprehend whatever was narrated to him.