Instilling Good Manners in Your Little One

Instilling Good Manners in Your Little One

Your child at this point must know all good manners. Every child is different and they have different capabilities. There are some who are easy to handle and will listen to most of the things that you say. But, there are some set of kids whom you will find difficult to handle. They might not listen to your instructions with attention and faulter time and again.

The best way to address such kids to enhance your level of patience. The same goes for your child as well, in case he falls in this latter category. Tell him each stuff again and again so that he knows what needs to be done. Don't reprimand him, and refrain from comparing him to other kids of his age. That may damage his self esteem.

Talk to him and find out where the problem is and figure out a possible solution to the same. Also, if there is anything in particular that you wish your child should learn, do it yourself and set an example before him.