Instilling Sense Of Responsibility

Instilling Sense Of Responsibility

Till now, you had been taking care of all aspects of your kid’s life. However, now she is old enough that you can start teaching her to take responsibility for certain things. Start off with small things, and as her confidence grows, progress to more complex aspects.

Instilling a sense of responsibility in your child is one of the best ways to hone her personality. At first, give her small tasks, such as putting away her toys, and help her complete them. Appreciate her efforts once the task is completed, and ensure that you give her responsibility regularly. 

Gradually you can progress to making a chore sheet for your kid. Create a chart together where her daily tasks are listed for the whole week. As she completes each task, she can put a tick in the respective box. If all tasks are ticked by the end of the week, she gets a small reward. this will encourage her to be more responsible towards her work.