Interaction With People Enhances Confidence

Interaction With People Enhances Confidence

No matter if your kid is shy and an introvert, or whether she is social and outgoing, at this growing age, interaction with a variety of people always enhances social development and confidence. Employ different methods to get your child to mingle with friends and family members.

You can ask your child to face a small audience to showcase her talent. For example- you can ask her to sing, dance or recite a poem in front of family members. Let her choose what she wants to do, and applaud her heartily once she finishes.

If your child is very shy, let her start off with performing just in front of you, or if she is comfortable, her father can be included too. Praise her and then say, “Wow – I wonder what Dadi would say if she saw you dance like this!” You will soon find your child asking if she can show Dadi her dance. Never push or criticize your kid for being shy. Take one day at a time to help her open up from her shell.