Interesting Way Of Making Your Child Share Their Belongings

Interesting Way Of Making Your Child Share Their Belongings
  • Your child is now slowly getting ready to do more things like grown ups, one of which is learning the art of sharing. Make a game out of sharing with other family members or better still, with your child’s friends. Let everyone sit in a circle holding something they like. Each person then has to ask another person to share what they are holding. Whenever someone shares, the whole group claps. This will make your child realise that it is fun to share, and also that sharing is appreciated by everyone. 
  • Inculcating good habits early on in the child goes a long way. One of the qualities that a child must learn is to share. Especially if she is the first child or the only child. Generally these two categories have a habit of having things to themselves and when all of a sudden they are faced with a situation where they are asked to part with their belongings, they do not take it so well.
  • So, the exercise of making kids sit in a circle and practice the art of sharing by giving their things to another kid and being applauded for the act will encourage them to do this more often as they will perceive it as a good thing worthy of praises. Every child enjoys tokens of appreciation for their actions, so this can be a great way of teaching the virtue of sharing to your little one.