Introduce Healthy Foods In Small Quantities

Introduce Healthy Foods In Small Quantities
Health & Nutrition
  • At this age, try to give your child small amounts of various fruits and vegetables so she learns to like the taste since a lot about her taste buds are now shaping up and she would soon have a lot of favorites and non-favorites when it comes to food.
  • The calcium present in milk and dairy are essential for the development of strong bones and teeth. Dairy is also a source of vitamin A, which helps the body to fight infections while keeping our skin and eyes healthy. 
  • Installing a habit of healthy eating during the early years of your child’s development ensures that she has a taste for nutritious food. Instead of bribing your child with sugary treats, introduce her to the goodness of natural sugars in fruits that not only taste good but are also rich in various minerals and vitamins.
  • Fruits like banana, mangoes and strawberries taste good and are a great source for important vitamins and minerals. Early introduction to these healthy eating habits will result in stronger physiognomy and mental development of the child. These foods will also help build a stronger immune system. Milk, green veggies and fruits should be a part of her daily diet.