Introduce Simple Science To Your Toddler

Introduce Simple Science To Your Toddler

Your toddler’s curiosity level is also growing up with his age so when he gets curious about certain things and asks questions then give him time to understand things and make sure that his curiosity is satisfied with your answers.

This is the right time to introduce basic science facts to your child

1. Let him understand about the things that he can see like moon, sun, sky an stars.

2. Talk about their formation and simple facts attached to these concepts.

3. Tell him more about how Earth rotates and how sun rises or about the change of day and night.

4. Give him examples so that he can understand clearly about these things.

5. Never let his curiosity level go down, encourage him to think more and talk about the things by questioning you.

6. Fan his curiosity and give him more and more reason to think about things that he sees around him.

7. Take out time, listen to his curious questions and give him a satisfactory answer so that he understands well.

The best way to give your child an understanding of basic science is to spend time with him talking about things and process that includes the concept of science. Give him the knowledge that he can easily understand. Slowly he will develop his interest and ask for more facts on his own.