Introduce Your Child To The World Of Books

Introduce Your Child To The World Of Books

Among all the various skills that you impart to your child, reading is probably one of the most valuable at this given time. It helps in verbal skills such as enhancing your kid’s vocabulary, language, spelling, and speech skills. It also helps in improving writing skills. Consequently, you need to inculcate the habit of reading in him as early as possible.

The first thing is to kindle your kid’s interest in books. Begin by reading out to him. Show him the pictures as you read, make funny voices, and generally make the experience as interesting and interactive as possible.

Once your kid has become attracted towards books, you could start asking him to read out to you. Get him books as per his interests. If he loves certain cartoon characters, buy books with these characters. Make it a habit of reading for a short time every day, for example, at bedtime. Get a variety of books so that your kid’s interest is aroused.