Introduce Your Child To The World Of Literature

Introduce Your Child To The World Of Literature
3y to 4y
Fine Motor

Getting your child to start to read books is a great way to strengthen the language skills that your child has learnt and acquired throughout his time of learning. In addition to this, this also gives new channels and platforms for your child to use his imagination and his creativity, turning his books into his own little universe for him to explore.

Here are some tips on showing your child the wonderful world of books:

1. Start off simple. Get your child books which have more color and lots of pictures and less of text. This will allow your child to be engaged visually first before beginning to start to use his knowledge of language. Keep in mind his likes and dislikes, as books about his favorite animals, objects etc. are more likely to engage and attract him than something that he is a stranger to.

2. Give little assignments to your kid of the books that you get him; something simple, such as telling a list of the characters in the book, a simple summary of the story in the book, even something as simple as reading the book out aloud once after he finishes reading it by himself. This is a great way of sustaining how much a book can engage your little one, in addition to be a great way to inculcate the foundation of goal based reading and comprehension, further enhancing your child's language skills.

3. Look to have your child read books on both his native language and English. It is believed that children who learn multiple languages early become highly proficient in the languages that they learn, in addition to being able to have better language skills than other kids. Also, this serves as a great way of fostering the usage of your native language by your child, making communication at home easier.

4. Keep in mind to pick up age appropriate books for your little one, while you are looking for new material to have your kid read. Books with additional activities such as drawing and coloring in parts of the story's scenes and characters helps in engaging your child and making reading and books a truly pleasurable activity for him.