Involve Other Members Of The Family To Dance

Involve Other Members Of The Family To Dance
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At this stage, you never know what makes your little one happy. Your little one may know one thing and then in no time he might have ten other things that will make him giggle with happiness. But, there is one thing that makes a child happy always. It is when he gets a full participation of all the family members when he is doing something.

For example, if he is playing, or reading, singing or dancing for that matter, it will be wonderful if he has all the members of his family join him for the same. It is rather incredible to see how a child raises his own bar when he is surrounded by happy people. This is simply because a child feels wanted and deserved by doing so. He feels happy about the fact that his ‘doing’ is being appreciated by the people around him.

So, if you want to make your child happy, ensure that you be aound him as much as possible. Do the way he does, and clap around. Make faces, and you too become a child like him. Watch the wonder! Make him feel good and secured by doing what he does. This is one of the best ways of raising a happy and secured child on the go.