Involve your kid in decisions regarding their meals

Involve your kid in decisions regarding their meals

Fussiness regarding food is something that you must have faced with your child at this point. The struggle to provide something that is nutritious as well as acceptable to your little one, is a continuing one. The key is not becoming a dictator when it comes to your kid’s meals, but rather achieving a partnership with him.

Kids love to feel involved, and so a good trick is to consult them regarding their own meals. For school tiffin, you can involve the child in deciding what they want to take – of course, the choices offered should be healthy, for example, apple slices, carrot sticks, etc.

Sometimes it is okay to allow fast food, but set some rules. For example, you can both mutually decide a day when fast food is allowed, and how much is acceptable. It could be noodles taken for school lunch on a particular day, or pizza for dinner on the weekend. Keep a watch on the portions and let your little one enjoy!