Issue Penalties For Un Punctuality

Issue Penalties For Un Punctuality

Being unpunctual is not cool. But routinely showing up unpunctual is a problem and we should stop excusing. Here's how you can inculcate the good trait of punctuality in your little one.

1. You should establish this kind of statements “I set the rules and you are expected to listen or accept the consequences.” Be consistent of the statement, since consistency is the key to effective discipline, and it is important for you to decide what the rules are and then uphold them.

2. If your child continues to be unpunctual no matter what you do, try making a chart with a box for each day of the week. Decide how many times your child can misbehave before a punishment kicks in or how long the proper behaviour must be seen before it is rewarded. Post the chart on the wall, which is always visible and then track the good and unacceptable behaviours every day. This will give your child and you a concrete look at how it's going.

3. Tell your child the he will be sent inside a room for few hours if he is consistently unpunctual but never do it. Just give a strict warning.

4. It's important to tell kids what the right thing to do is, not just to say what the wrong thing is. For example, instead of saying “Don’t be late always,” you can use the word “It's great to be on time!”

5. Be careful not to make unrealistic threats of punishment. Huge punishments may take away your power as a parent. If you ground your son or daughter for a month, your child may not feel motivated to change behaviors because everything has already been taken away.

6. It's natural for parents to want to rescue kids from mistakes, but in the long run they do kids a favor by letting them fail sometimes. Kids see what behaving improperly can mean and probably won't make those mistakes again. However, if your child does not seem to be learning from natural consequences, set up some of your own to help change the behavior.