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Keep A Mandatory Track Of Your Kid's Actions In School

Keep A Mandatory Track Of Your Kid's Actions In School
7 to 8 years tip

At this stage, if you can get your child talking, you will get to know what is he up to. Keeping all the lines of communication open is the key to a healthy and positive parenting.

Your child should have the confidence to come and speak to anything under the sun. And mind you, it is absolutely your prerogative as parents to develop the same. Talk your child everyday with rapt attention. Make him feel that whatever he is saying is important, meaningful and needs attention. 

Get into a discussion keeping his point of view in light. No matter how small he is, his voice matters, and that is something he must know. Talk what is good and bad and reason out your decision. This two way communication will ensure that your child and you are in the same page. And, this will also ensure that no matter what your child will come back to you for anything and everything in his life.