Keep Asking Questions To Encourage Stimulation And Thinking

Keep Asking Questions To Encourage Stimulation And Thinking

Now that you know your child's cognitive development is going on in full swing, you can boost your child’s cognitive thinking by constantly asking him questions regarding everyday situations and occurrences. Ask him a variety of questions, such as what color shirt he would like to wear, or if he wants his sandwiches to be cut square or triangular. This will also him them feel that he has some choice and control in his life.

Avoid asking open-ended questions, such as “So how was school?” Make your queries specific and to the point; for example: “What did you draw in school today?” Praise him when he responds well; however do not push him if he does not reply. Try again later.

Play a quizzing game with your kid and his friends. Ask simple questions and let them compete to see who can answer quicker than everyone else. Keep small prizes like pencils and his favourite dishes as incentives. This will teach your little one that questions can be fun.