Keep Checking Your Kid's Hair For Lice

Keep Checking Your Kid's Hair For Lice
4y to 5y
Health & Hygiene

At this stage, since your child mingles with a lot of other kids in school, there's a possibility she may catch lice from some other kid's hair.

To avoid getting infected with head lice, keep your child’s hair short and manageable, especially when the weather is hot and humid. Keep checking your kid’s hair at least once every week. In case of infestation of head lice, use a medicated shampoo and comb out all the lice.

However, if your little one is having long hair and refuses to budge for a short one, you just need to be a little more careful with the child’s hair. Lice can be disturbing. Many times it leads to severe infection in the scalp and creates havoc. Especially, for a child of this age, lice should be taken rather more seriously, because kids are themselves not very careful. Ensure that you keep a check on the child’s habits. Wash the hair every alternate day and dry it completely. Use good medicated shampoos if you spot even a single lice. And if you see small rashes and boils in the scalp, visit a dermatologist and seek medical advice immediately.