Keep Clear And Open Lines Of Communication With Your Kid

Keep Clear And Open Lines Of Communication With Your Kid

At this stage, It is important to have a free flow of communication with your child at all times. Communication is key in any relationship. And especially with your child who is learning a new thing every single day, it becomes even more essential to keep all your eyes and ears open.

Understanding your child is always not a very easy task. Sometimes his silence may also speak thousands of words. So, always keep yourself abreast with things happening with your child. For eg. Your little one goes to any sports activity and comes back sad and distorted. You may well understand that he may have lot a match or must have been scolded by the instructor for some reason.

Here, you may not typically indulge in a conversation, but still try to understand his behavior. Such comfort is imperative in parenting. Also, while discipline, make sure that you tell your little one exactly what is expected and also give him a chance to voice his expectations. This two way communication builds a life long relationship.