Keep Communication Channels Open With Your Child

Keep Communication Channels Open With Your Child

Kids at this stage are often too scared or ashamed to tell their parents that they are being bullied and bod forbid, if your child is from that lot, you need to buck up to handle this the right way.

Bullying is something that affects a child in many ways. Some kids are able to handle it, while most succumb to it. Parents play a very important role here to give the child the confidence that all is not lost. So, if your child is a victim of bullying, handle it with care.

A change in sudden behavior is one of the most glaring indication of something that is not alright with the child. Talk to him with compassion and give him the confidence that he can come up with anything that is there in his mind. Make him understand what is bullying all about and how it needs to be tackled. Tell him not once but repeatedly that no matter what you will always be there with him. This kind of  confidence will help him deal with such issues not today but also later on in his life.