Keep Pointing Out And Using Colours In Everyday Life

Keep Pointing Out And Using Colours In Everyday Life

Making use of colors will make it really easy to help your child learn about concepts and skills that are needed for her day to day life. It will also make it fun and interesting for her to learn all that she needs for every day. Here are a few ways you can help:

1. Help your child understand the concept of observation based on colors. You can teach her to identify the different shades of the same color and understand the color palette. This will help her vision as well as improve her keen observation skills.

2. Sorting objects based on colors is a great activity which helps her with identification of colors and observation. Give her a few objects of the same color and a few objects of another color and ask her to sort the two colors and place them in two different containers.

3. You can teach organizational skills to your child based on color. You can teach her how to prioritize things based on color. For example, you can write a few instructions on colored sticky notes, red to be the one that should be taken care of immediately, and blue after.

4. You can also teach her the meaning of each color in traffic lights. This is very important as she begins to go around her neighbourhood. If you follow a certain diet, you can teach her to look for a green symbol on a packaged food to check if it is vegetarian and red for non-vegetarian food.