Keep Safety In Mind While Changing Your Kid's Bed

Keep Safety In Mind While Changing Your Kid's Bed
  • Your child may be growing up fast but there are still risks he is susceptible to. In general, try to shift your child from his crib to a low height bed, because it reduces the risk of falling down. Keep pillows on both the sides of the bed when your child is in deep sleep. If your child is moving around a lot in his sleep, try to leave more space for their movements. 
  • Once your child grows out of the sleeping in the crib phase you need to arrange a bed that is spacious enough to accommodate him and his favourite soft toys or pillows. Some kids have a tendency of moving around a lot in their sleep.
  • Arrange for a bed that can ensure that your tiny tot has enough space to move around in his sleep. Keep a rug around the bed as far as possible. This will ensure that even if the child falls, he will not hit the floor directly and thus not hurt himself. Once you move them to a bed do not leave them alone at first.
  • Keep the little one's bed in the same room as yours so that they do not feel lonely and also to ensure that the child will not go about falling off his bed. Once he has got the hang of sleeping on a bed without side rails and managed to stay on bed the whole night you can sleep easy and let him sleep on his bed without much supervision.