Keep Soap, Towel And Other Toiletries Handy For Your Kid

Keep Soap, Towel And Other Toiletries Handy For Your Kid
Health & Hygiene
  • Your child at this stage is all the more ready to learn basic hygeine and use some toiletries. When showing your child how to wash his hands, prepare the implements required and keep them ready. Make sure the sink is accessible to him and keep the soap and towel nearby. You can get him towels with his favorite cartoon characters on them and soaps in fun shapes to make bathroom time enjoyable. 
  • Teaching kids how to use toiletries can be slightly tricky. There is always a chance of them putting soaps in their eyes or spilling water all over. So to start, make a space that is accessible to the little one. Since creating a smaller wash basin is not a possibility, lift the child up to a height where they can easily reach the basin without much effort.
  • This way you can teach your child how to use soap and water correctly and at the same time you can be sure that he will not be practicing these lessons by himself, thereby reducing the chances of hurting himself in anyway. 
  • Another thing to keep in mind is to use mild soaps. The regular soap can be harsh on your baby’s skin and hurt his eyes if he accidentally puts the foam in his eyes. A mild soap will eliminate such troubles making the whole process fun and safe.