Keep Stimulating Your Kid's Intellectual Capabilities

Keep Stimulating Your Kid's Intellectual Capabilities

Along with your kid’s growing body, you need to develop his mind and intellect as well. The best way to do this is to challenge him in various ways as much as possible. The more you stimulate his brain, the sharper his intellect will be.

Stimulate your kid’s thinking capabilities with intellectual challenges such as riddles, open ended stories, and thinking games. After reading a story together, you can ask him questions about it which will require him to think and work out something; for example, “Why do you think the fox called the grapes sour?”

Give your kid small challenges in everyday life too. Let him make his own selections and decisions like in choosing clothes, eating preferences, etc. If his choice is not the best one, ask him the reasoning behind this choice. Then discuss his reasoning with him, allowing him to work out why it might not be a good option.