Keep Track Of Your Child's Language Development

Keep Track Of Your Child's Language Development

At this stage, you need to keenly keep a track on your child's language development, because this is the ideal phase from where speech development begins to transform into proper language skills. Often we misinterpret delayed speech as laziness or developmental differences among children. Take expert advice from a child specialist. Assess the changes on a regular basis. Questionnaires and evaluations by a specialist will help you keep a standard check on your child. Never wait too long, to seek help. Speech skills in growing kids develop with time. Often there are reports of delayed language development, but it can primarily be due to laziness among toddlers. The first option should be to consult a child specialist. Further, as parents you need to act as a teacher at home to help your child with his speaking skills. 

 • Build conversations in free time for encouraging your little one to speak. 

 • Recite poems and rhymes and ask your toddler to follow. 

 • There are several speech & language therapies which are available online; utilize them effectively.