Keep your calm if your kid is acting up

Keep your calm if your kid is acting up

There are times when kids behave in the most annoying manner and make you go crazy but keeping yourself calm at that time is an art and lesson to teach. The moment you get out of your control and yell at your child, you are setting a wrong example of dealing with a situation. When you’re calm, that’s the effect it has on your child.

Here are few tips to deal with misbehaviour of your child:

1. It is important to stay calm. Take a deep breath, turn around and close your eyes. Take a moment to collect yourself and your emotions. Think twice before you say anything to your child. Talk to him calmly.

2. Punishments should not be your teaching tool for your kid. Address your child’s behaviour. Guide him and make him understand how his behaviour is torturing others.

3. Teach your child how to control his emotions. Help him with identifying his emotions and teach proper words to express his emotions.

4. Put yourself in his shoes. You will be equally hurt if someone yells at you. Don’t tear him down with your words. When he is calm, ask him what drives him to misbehave at a particular time. Teach him patiently what is expected from him and is acceptable.

5. It is possible that at one moment you will lose your control and yell at your child. Repent and explain your child that it frustrates you when he is acting up. Ask him to be sorry and correct his behaviour.