Keep Your Kid Motivated And Focused

Keep Your Kid Motivated And Focused

Your kid is still quite young, and at this age he will naturally get easily distracted while doing any activity. It is vital for you to instill qualities of focus and concentration in him right from this age. These qualities will be highly valuable to your little one once he embarks upon his educative phase of life.

Give your kid a few activities to do every day, which require him to sit in one place. For example, you can mix some different coloured balls in a basket and ask him to sort out the different colors, or make him thread some large beads on to a thick string.

Focus is very important while practicing such activities, so ensure the kid is well settled. Make him sit somewhere where there are no distractions, like toys or the television. You also need to set an example, so do not engage in any other activity such as fiddling with your phone while you sit with him.