Keep Your Kid Occupied When You Are Out

Keep Your Kid Occupied When You Are Out
  • At this stage, your growing child is likely to act off at times and that can test your patience often,Don't let people label your child as a brat or a terror. This will only make the little one act up more since he feels this is what people expect from him. 
  • Be prepared to keep your child occupied when you take him out for a social occasion. Carry his favorite toys, story books, coloring books and crayons, etc.
  • Social gatherings can be a bit intimidating for the kids in the beginning. Being amidst too many strangers puts a kind of pressure on the child and he is unable to determine how to behave. This may amount to him acting out or creating a hassle just to find a reason to be taken away from so much attention.
  • On the contrary, a kid who enjoys attention may throw tantrums to get it. Either way this does not leave a good impression on the people about your child. If repeated over a period of time this may become his reputation. Avoid this situation from happening by taking along his favourite books and toys that keep him constructively busy and allow you to socialise without having to worry about sudden tantrums.