Keep Your Rules Clear And Lucid

Keep Your Rules Clear And Lucid

For imparting good values and discipline in your child, it is important that you have a set of rules that your child must follow. Rules should be such that they will make your child understand what is good and what is bad. There are some things that you need to keep in mind though.

First of all, don’t make rules that are difficult for your child to follow. Your child is at an age where too much strictness will not work. So, rules should be such that they give a hang to your child as in what he should be doing and what not. Along with the rules that you have laid down, ensure that it is followed strictly. For this, it is important that you as parents should also do it in the most religious way.

Secondly, understand that you cannot make rules for your child and not follow them on your own. This will make your child confused and you will end up losing his respect. Also, every rule should be backed by a reason. Make your child understand that why he needs to follow a certain work in a certain way. This will make him feel responsible. Your child will do things willingly and not as a burden that has been thrown at him. Rules will work very well in such circumstances.