Keep Your Stress To Yourself And Do Not let Your Kid Sense It

Keep Your Stress To Yourself And Do Not let Your Kid Sense It
  • At this point of time, your child takes a lot from your behavior and your thoughts. Never show your stress in front of your child. At this age, kids are still tender at heart and they will not understand why you are so stressed.
  • Try to keep all your worries at the back of your head when you are spending your quality time with your child. Kids are susceptible to emotions. Since your expressions are the first source of communication for them since the time of their birth, this method has trained them to perceive your emotions even as they grow up. 
  • So if your little one sees you upset or worried, they will not take time in sensing that you are. This in turn will also upset her as this is a natural phenomenon. Your child will always reflect your emotions.
  • Thus, in order to avoid that, make sure that every time you are in the company of your child you exhibit a happy face so that the child also experiences happiness. Besides being near your child will release serotonin and endorphins in your body which will instantly lift your mood and also provide an emotionally secure environment to the child.