Keep Yourself Free For Your Kids After Their School Is Over

Keep Yourself Free For Your Kids After Their School Is Over

Your child has quite a life beyond home right now, and that is school! The after school time, and especially after the child is back, is one of the most crucial times that you need to spend with your child.

This time is important not in one but many ways. Understand that your little one is back after long hours in the school doing and adjusting to several things that he hardly enjoys. He adjusts and pretends at every step. He studies the subjects he enjoys and there are some that he doesn’t. He is pushed to do some other work when his eyes are fixed on the playground. When he wants to have those hot chapatis, he has the cold tiffin.

Well, in one word all this while he had only few moments that must have made him truly happy and all the rest has been mere adjustments. So, when he is back from the school, it is important that he has someone to hear him out! Someone who accepts him with all his ills. Somewhere where he need not pretend anything and can be just himself. Home is the place and you are the one that he needs. Make yourself available to him as much as possible without being judgmental about anything. This time after the school with you will be one of the most treasured time of the day for your little darling.