Keep Yourself Updated On The Typical Symptoms Of Autism

Keep Yourself Updated On The Typical Symptoms Of Autism
2y to 3y

Early detection of any flaw or setback with respect to the development of your child is beneficial over waiting it out. Autism is one such developmental disorder, which can have a huge negative impact on your child’s growth if not detected at an early stage.

1. Keep yourself updated about the symptoms of autism. Read up as much as you can and understand the symptoms with respect to your child. Validate each point you learn about with respect to his behaviour.

2. Keep a check on the developmental milestones. Be aware of what milestone your child is supposed to reach, at a particular stage. There can be minor deviations but if it is really off track, it is something you should worry about. You can track all these milestones on this app itself, using GrowthCheck.

3. Observe whether he expresses how he feels. If your child does not display any signs of happiness, it should not be overlooked.

4. Keep a look out for facial expressions. If your child fails to express any kind feeling by means of facial expressions, you may need to check up on it.

5. As your child approaches 12 months of age, he should have started to babble. Do not worry if there is a minor setback, as it can mean nothing at all. Id the deviation is too severe, you may want to consider a visit to a developmental paediatrician for help.

6. Do not ignore any signs. Keep a vigilant check on everything so you do not face any serious issues later on. Do periodical checks by going to your child’s paediatrician, to keep a check on both general and developmental aspects.