Keeping Yourself Updated With Your Child's Daily Stuff

Keeping Yourself Updated With Your Child's Daily Stuff

Keeping yourself up to date with your child's everyday activities is a very important aspect monitoring your child's overall growth and development. Not all of the influences that your child has will be constructive and keeping an eye on them is crucial to both encourage and foster good influences and nipping bad ones at the bud.

Here are a few ways of doing so:

1. Knowing your child's daily schedule is very important to know what are the people and places that your child goes to and the people he interacts with do go a long way in influencing your child's opinions and behaviour. Having a knowlege of it is quintessential.

2. Monitoring your child's movements by using technology such as tracking devices and apps is a useful way to know where your child is going and what they are doing.

3. Intereacting with your child's teachers and knowing their behaviour and progress is a good way of keeping track of their academic and school environmental interaction. Your child spends a considerable amount of time at play groups/school and knowing their behaviour and activites at the same places, is important.

4. Talking to your child at the end of the day, asking them what they did through the day, the people they met and weather they had a fun day or not is an great way of knowing what your child did that particular day, in addition to being a good way of engaging your child and a great bonding time.