Key Point To Remember For Your Child's Diet Now

Key Point To Remember For Your Child's Diet Now
Health & Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the key areas in the overall growth and development of your child, and the best eating habits can be instilled when your kid is still young and right now is the perfect time. The food habits he develops now will remain with him for his entire lifetime. So you need to set up a healthy and nutritious base for your little one.

Educate your kid regarding the concept of a balanced diet in simple terms that he can understand. Make a food chart together, with different columns for different food groups, and also a column with a big red cross on top for unhealthy and junk food.

To enhance nutritional awareness in your kid, involve him in the preparation of his meals and his school lunches. Let him refer to the food chart you have made, and tell you what he can have. This will increase interest in healthy food and make him more receptive to his meals since he has chosen the food himself.