Kids Imitate Adults, So Learn To Be A Good Role Model For Them

Kids Imitate Adults, So Learn To Be A Good Role Model For Them
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You are the most important person to your child. You and other immediate family members. He will look up to you all the time and will be very observant about the way you behave or converse. He will also imitate you as you are his role model. Here are a few things that you always need to remember around your child.

1. Always remember to be nice. You child will observe you whether you realise it or not. Each and every tiny detail will be picked up by him and since he believes that you are his greatest superhero, he will want to do everything that you do.

2. Never yell at your child or at anyone else in the family. If there comes a situation that angers you, talk to the family member away from your child so he does not know what the problem is. Sometimes, it is best that he does not find out.

3. Another thing your child will learn based on observation is responsibility. He will observe the way you handle things around him, how you go about simple chores, how you take care of him and the rest of the family.

4. He will also pick up on family values, culture and tradition. This will help him identify himself as a part of the family.

5. Your child will also pick up on your interests at this stage. If you like music, he will like music. If you like cricket, he will like cricket. This can be very advantageous to introduce lots of new activities to him.