Kids Susceptible To Outside Influence

Kids Susceptible To Outside Influence

Your child at this age is pretty much like a sponge, absorbing anything and everything he comes in contact with, be it good or bad as your child will not be able to tell the difference. So, it is very important for you to monitor the kind of exposure your child gets in order to protect him from all the things than can have a negative influence on him.

1. Keep a close eye on your child's behavior as he begins to socialize with his peers. If your child is already going to school, make sure to keep a check on the environment at school to understand whether there can be any kind of wrong influence on him. Ask him about his day and build conversations with him to stay updated on whatever happens on a daily basis.

2. Your child will want to be accepted among his peer group. He will struggle if at all there are any snags when it comes to socializing with his friends. He may feel depressed if his friends begin to pick on him or if he feels left out.

3. Your child's language will be highly influenced as he mingles with his peers. It is fantastic if your child is picking up good language and etiquette from his peers and surroundings. It should concern you if otherwise. Make sure to tell your child that he should not be using inappropriate language.

4. Make sure to correct your child's behavior as and when you come across any that may seem off. Let your child know that he should not be doing anything that can potentially hurt him or others around him.