Learning By Doing

Learning By Doing

Your child learns by doing, at this point. He uses his senses and explores his environment. When he actively engages in doing a particular task, his cognitive abilities develop, alongside his concentration, memory and learning. That is why in the classroom, children are exposed to many hands-on -activities.

-Through arts(drawing and colouring), he gets a medium for self-expression and also works on his fine motor skills. -Through pretend play, he tries to boost his imagination and creativity. For instance, pretending to be a doctor or talking over the phone, etc. -Through music, he gets a sense of rhythm, language development, expresses his feelings freely. -Through play, he understands what social skills are needed in a group like sharing, cooperative play, taking turns, etc.

Above all, your bundle of joy is able to channelize his energy in different tasks, contributing to immense learning.