Learning Can Be Fun

Learning Can Be Fun

Learning here, learning there – learning everywhere! Your growing kid is swamped with all kinds of knowledge from multiple sources, and at times this can get a little overwhelming for him. To make this easier for him, make learning a fun experience for your little one.

At this stage, your child tries to incorporate all that he has learnt in his day-to-day activities. You must expand his knowledge base and incorporate this learning into his daily routine. For example, you can take him to the market with you and involve him in the shopping. Ask him to name different fruits and vegetables, or pick out the ones he likes by name.

Use every day common objects to teach your child. For example, help him identify differences in shape, size and number using plates and dishes in the kitchen. When you are taking a walk in the park, sing the alphabet song together and take turns to point out things that begin with a particular letter.