Learning Can Be Fun! Facilitate Your Child

Learning Can Be Fun! Facilitate Your Child
  • Your child at this stage is a self-learner. You must do all that it takes to hone his skills at the right time and right place in order to facilitate his learning. Set an example of patience and cool headedness before your ward. You are his role model. He will follow everything you do. As a parent, your first step should be to make your little one grow self-sufficient. 
  • Learning is a part of this growing phase, so be there to guide him well. Act as a role model to teach him new things related to self-care, hygiene and safety. Always remeber, your little one would make efforts to not just imitate your words but also your action, so make sure your actions speak louder than your words, if you would want your child to learn efficiently and effectively.
  • Offer demonstrations which are effective to make him understand the importance of different tasks. Make the learning process a fun activity with the inclusion of songs, role play or dance moves. Create a healthy environment at home so that your child feels protected and comfortable throughout the process. You can ask other members of the family to join in as well.