Learning Lessons Of Kindness And Sharing

Learning Lessons Of Kindness And Sharing

At this stage, in the same way that you are nourishing your child’s body with healthy food, you also need to nourish and build up a humane and compassionate nature within him. Teach your child the lessons of sharing and kindness. For example, ask him to share his toys with his friends or ask him to offer food to a stray dog. 

At first your child might refuse to share his favourite things, because he thinks that he will not get them back. Explain the meaning of sharing to him, and tell him that his friends will also be willing to share their playthings with him in return.

Your child might complain and ask you why he needs to share his favourite biscuits with the maid’s son, or give away an old toy. Explain to him that everyone does not have the same privileges that he does, and so it is important to help anyone in need and appreciate what he has got.