Lend a Patience Ear To Your Child

Lend a Patience Ear To Your Child

Parents should give as much time to their child as possible as this grows the love between the two and the bond becomes stronger day by day. Your child is curious as he is growing each day and wants to share so much with you. Make sure that you have ample time to just sit and listen to your child. This will make him open towards you and he will not feel the need to hide anything from you. Most importantly, when you react after listening to him then he will feel happy with your immediate response.

1. As your child grows he yearns to spend most of the time with you and share lot of things in his heart and mind. It is good to sit with your child and let him say whatever he wish to in a day’s time.

2. Make sure that from your busy schedule, you take out enough time for your child and pay heed to his thoughts. Never make him feel alone or neglected.

3. Spending quality time with your kids is very important as this brings in the confidence in your child and he will express himself openly in front of you.

4. Never neglect your child or else he might not share his feelings with you and then he might start staying aloof from you. Paying attention to your child is very important.