Let Them Make Their Own Friends

Let Them Make Their Own Friends

As your child grows in mind and body, another important area of development is his social skills. At this age, your kid will be playing easily with his peers, laughing and having a good time with them. If he is a little shy, he may need some time to open up and befriend someone.

Whatever your child’s basic nature, you should allow him to make his own friends. When you set your kid free, you are basically enabling him to think and make decisions for himself. When kids are groomed with the right values and responsibility, they will pick the right mates.

As a parent, your responsibility lies in exposing your kid to ample opportunities where he can meet other children of his own age. You can get together with other parents and set up regular playdates. Take your kid to the park and let him interact with the various kids playing there. Slowly you will see him form his own attachments.