Let Your Child Come Up With A Practical Solution

Let Your Child Come Up With A Practical Solution

As a parent, it is natural for you to feel protective towards your child. You want to help him through any hardship or difficulty, no matter how small. But remember, it is crucial that you make your child independent. He will ultimately have to face the world, and you may not always be there to resolve his issues. So start letting your kid come up with solutions to any minor problem.

If any small issue arises and your kid comes running to you, first ask him to try and think it over and come up with a solution himself. At first he may be blank, so help him with hints to start with. Nudge him towards a solution and applaud him for coming up with an idea.

Do not give your child a solution immediately just so that you can end the matter with minimum fuss. Also, if your child has some impractical suggestion, explain their consequences and make him understand how this may not be the best solution.