Let Your Child Learn From Mistakes

Let Your Child Learn From Mistakes

Watching your child make mistakes is painful but rather correcting him let him learn from his mistakes. As a parent, you need to provide opportunities to your child for learning that come from making mistakes. Letting your child learn from his mistakes helps build resilience and is essential to raise him as a confident, capable, happy, and successful adult.

1. When your child do something wrong, don’t get angry and start scolding or spanking immediately. Show your disapproval and guide him how he can correct it. Rather providing solution in one go, ask him, how he can amend it.

2. Let your child lose the game. Losing at strategic games like chess or checkers help him how to strengthen his strategies to win over. He will see at you or others to learn the strategies.

3. Monitor your child, but don’t jump in with the solution right away. It’s ok to step in when he is at risk of physical or emotional harm. Teach him lesson by talking to him. Check the situation and react accordingly.

4. Let your child learn from the natural consequences of his carelessness. Like let him miss his school bus or van if he gets up late. Let him walk to the school and face the punishment for late coming.

5. Help your child to identify the reason for repeated mistakes. Ask him to redo his work with fresh mind and concentration. Reasoning will push your child towards the right direction.

6. Trust your child that he is doing his best and know that he will learn faster from his mistakes if he is in an environment that accepts his mistakes.