Let Your Kid Do Things For Himself

Let Your Kid Do Things For Himself
4y to 5y

Your child at this stage is capable of handling some small things on his own.

Instead of holding your child’s hand always, just be a guide to him when he asks you for help. This will make your child become more confident of his capabilities. Do not control your child’s every action. Let him try to do things on his own. Resist the temptation to perfect your child’s every action because at this stage perfection is not the goal.

Emphasize more on learning and developing self confidence. This is an age where your child is just beginning to explore the world around through his own senses. He is now capable of doing several things on his own and develop a sense of judgement. So, it is always be advisable allow your child to take up task in his own hand complete. However, never to forget the fact that it is also immensely essential that you always keep a check on your child so that he doesn’t end up hurting himself. Self learning and self reliance are two qualities which are building blocks of a successful life ahead. Foster it.