Let Your Kid Eat What Everyone Else Is Having

Let Your Kid Eat What Everyone Else Is Having

At this stage, the word ''fussy'' is likely to be synonymous with your child. If your kid is a fussy eater, you often fall into the habit of preparing food that you know she will accept without a fuss. But this is not a good idea. Your kid needs to be exposed to a wide range of foods. This is due to nutritional benefits as well as for the sake of practicality. 

Do not give in to your child’s nagging and tantrums to prepare her preferred meals. Tell her gently but firmly that this is what you have prepared, and she needs to eat up. If the tantrum continues, take the plate away. Once she realizes that this is all she will be getting, she will finish it without a fuss.

Let your kid eat with the family, so that she can observe how everyone is eating the same food. Since kids love to copy their elders, this will encourage them to eat what has been prepared.