Let Your Kid Know Their Limits

Let Your Kid Know Their Limits

You may give some warnings to your child at this age about not to waver. As a parent, you always want to be loving and affectionate towards your child. However, it is important to remember that your kid also needs discipline. You should look at discipline not as a negative tool, but a healthy way to guide your child about the world around him as he grows up.

Your kid will love to push the boundaries in everything, so you need to let him know very clearly where his limits lie. Have a discussion with him about basic manners, house rules, timelines and daily routines. In this way, he will know clearly what is allowed and what is forbidden to him.

Your kid also needs to know what the consequences will be if he does not adhere to the limits and guidelines set by you. Discuss punishments and penalties with him, so that he understands that it is a fair and transparent mutual discussion, and he is not being oppressed or dominated in any way.