Let Your Kid Mimic Your Activities In The Kitchen

Let Your Kid Mimic Your Activities In The Kitchen
2y to 3y

Kitchen is an amazing place to bond and learn if it is used in the right way and spirit. Since a lot of time is spent in the kitchen especially by the mother, it is definitely a place where you can create an excellent relationship with your child.

The best way of doing it is to involve your child in all your activities. Begin by talking to your child about what you do and what he needs to do in a kitchen. Make him aware of the fact that it is a place that he will have to be careful in, as you have fire. Then slowly give him small age-appropriate tasks that he can do with ease. Make him sit at a comfortable please. Teach him and then allow him to explore in his own way.

It is important that your child learns in his own way and is not pushed or reprimanded for not doing something correctly. Also, take this kitchen time to talk to him. Narrate stories of how you would have bonded with your own mother during these kitchen talk. And, also how things have changed over the years. These are some things that most kids are interested in. This will eventually help you create a bond with him and at the same time your child will learn and act responsibly in the future.